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Agritourism Food Establishment Permit Application

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Body Art Establishment Permit Application

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Food Service Establishment Permit Application

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Request for Subdivision Feasibility Review

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Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application

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Waste Water System Permit Application

Report A Foodborne Illness

If you think you got sick from something you ate, we're here to help. Just answer a few questions about how you're feeling, where you've been, and what you ate.

The information you report through this website is safe, secure, and confidential!
Your report is automatically sent to the appropriate Local Health Department, and only authorized Utah Department of Health and Local Health Department representatives can access it. Your details won't be shared with restaurants or anyone else.

Contact your health care provider, especially if:

  • You are pregnant, elderly, have a weak immune system, or if the ill person is an infant. These things can make people more likely to get sick and have serious problems.
  • You are having severe symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, severe nausea and vomiting, or a high fever.

If it's an emergency, call 911 ASAP. This report won't tell you what's wrong or give you treatment – it's just for the health department.

Now, let's get those questions answered! Tell us everything you can. It's all private, and when you're done, hit Submit. Thanks for helping us keep everyone healthy!

Recreational Water Quality

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