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Our Mission at CUMRC

The Central Utah Medical Reserve Corps (CUMRC) is dedicated to mobilizing a national network of volunteers, organized locally to enhance the health and safety of their communities. Comprising medical and public health professionals alongside diverse community members, we fortify emergency response capabilities and foster community resilience. Through proactive preparation and swift response to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and other public health emergencies, we stand ready to serve. Additionally, we actively engage in community health initiatives to promote and sustain healthy habits, ensuring the well-being of all.

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What is the MRC?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a dedicated group of locally organized medical and non-medical volunteers collaborating to help the health and safety of Central Utah. Our mission revolves around identifying, training, and preparing volunteers for prompt activation before a public health emergency arises.

Why volunteer?

In times of disaster or public health crises, local resources can become overwhelmed. By joining the Central Utah MRC, volunteers who are registered, credentialed, and trained in advance can swiftly engage in emergency response efforts. We focus on organizing and training volunteers proactively, ensuring readiness before disaster strikes. Additionally, volunteers have the opportunity to participate in non-disaster community events such as fairs, booths, conferences, and more.

Who can volunteer? (Anyone)

The MRC welcomes both medical and non-medical volunteers, including practicing and retired medical health professionals, public health professionals, mental health professionals, community members without medical or health training, as well as interpreters/translators.

Why the MRC is Needed

The necessity for the MRC became apparent following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks when eager medical and public health professionals lacked an organized platform to channel their efforts. Consequently, the MRC was established to recruit, train, and activate medical and public health professionals, along with other volunteers, to respond effectively to community health needs during disasters and public health emergencies.

MRC Activities

Examples of activities MRC volunteers participate in and support include emergency preparedness and response training, emergency shelter operations, disaster medical and behavioral health support, community education, vaccination clinics, and much more.

Benefits of Volunteering?

Volunteering with the MRC offers numerous benefits including serving the community during times of need, accessing free educational opportunities, networking with like-minded individuals, developing new skills and interests, and being among the first to receive vaccinations or treatment during bioterrorism events or disease outbreaks.

Looking for More Information?

To hear perspectives on serving with the MRC, explore stories from our MRC network. For further inquiries, visit MRC | Home

Contact us at Central Utah Health Department 435-896-5451 ext 317

Thank you for your interest in the Central Utah Medical Reserve Corps. Together, we can make a difference in our community's resilience and well-being.

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